Volunteer Editor


*** Please read the entire post right through to the end. Thank you. ***

Journey to Diversity Workplaces was born out of the idea we need to work better. We need ethical, moral workplaces, where employees are empowered, and treated fairly. Those who fall under ‘disabled’ or other distinct categories should be treated well, instead of finding loopholes. Respecting differences, ethically, morally, and legally.

In this volunteer role, you will be responsible for editing both solicited and unsolicited blog submissions for our website. You would be working as a team with other editors so that the work is kept light!

Job duties:

* Check submissions for grammar (Grammarly is a great tool for that!)

* Check submissions for spelling (Canadian spelling especially)

* Check submissions for tone and theme

* Edit submissions to fix both the above and so they flow correctly.

* Work with authors on the edits suggested


* Good grasp of the English language

* Good grasp of Canadian English spelling

A new policy was adopted in July 2017. We now ask all volunteers to become paid members of Journey to Diversity Workplaces to help offset on-boarding costs.

Job Type:
Deadline: 13 January 2018

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