Volunteer Fundraising Committee Team Member

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Journey to Diversity Workplaces was born out of the idea we need to work better. We need ethical, moral workplaces, where employees are empowered, and treated fairly. Those who fall under ‘disabled’ or other distinct categories should be treated well, instead of finding loopholes. Respecting differences, ethically, morally, and legally.

Job Type: Volunteer
Time commitment: 4 – 8 hours every two months, additional hours around specific fundraising campaigns as necessary.
Term: 1 year with the possibility of reappointment

Committee composition

4 – 6 members comprised of:

• Board members. (Committee chair is a member of the board.)
• Non-Board members (including potential Board members and/or key volunteers)
• At Large members who have interest in or experience in non-profit fundraising
• The CEO whom is an ex-officio member.

Committee duties

• Develop a 3 year fundraising plan
• Raising funds from a variety of sources in support of J2DW’s projects
• Crafting applications and appeals to appropriate sources for funding
• Serving on sub-committees for specific projects and events
• Ensuring continual improvement and streamlining in process to reduce time and effort for greater return
• On-going individual and team capacity building in fundraising practices


• Sincere interest and/or related experience with fundraising activity.
• Transferable skills in one or more areas of fund-raising, marketing, communications, public relations, promotion, stakeholder relations, volunteer supervision, etc.
• Personal attributes of benefit to the Committee e.g. active contributor, responsible, team player, problem solver, creative thinker, organized etc.
• Time and energy to contribute as a member and volunteer to the Fundraising committee and related tasks, events and activities.
• Personal commitment to productive participation

Job Type: Volunteer