Volunteer Blogger

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Journey to Diversity Workplaces was born out of the idea we need to work better. We need ethical, moral workplaces, where employees are empowered, and treated fairly. Those who fall under ‘disabled’ or other distinct categories should be treated well, instead of finding loopholes. Respecting differences, ethically, morally, and legally.

“A blogger is someone that writes a blog. A blog is an online journal that a writer can use to share his ideas, thoughts, expertise, or interests. Therefore, a blogger is someone that writes his ideas and thoughts online. Blogging is about self-expression. Bloggers write about their lives, their experiences, their expertise, their passions, and their opinions.Because many do not understand blogging, they expect journalism from bloggers. Bloggers express how they feel about issues. On the other hand, a journalist is someone who writes for a magazine or newspaper, usually writing news items and is required to tell all sides of a story. Journalists are required to be unbiased and to refrain from expressing their opinions in news stories. Journalists are required to have a number of different sources before publishing an article. Objectivity is key in journalism. Blogger can be biased.” – Manpower Nigeria

We need a few volunteers to submit blog articles, once a month or so, to be published on our website. There is no renumeration.Topics to blog on can be decided by the blogger and approved by the Volunteer Coordinator or the blogger may choose from a list of suggested topics furnished by the Volunteer Coordinator.

We also require help editing submitted blog articles.

Volunteer blogger duties:

* Write about topics related to J2DW
* Conduct research to obtain factual information and authentic detail
* Choose subject matter that interests readers
* Work with editors and clients to shape the material so it can be published
* Write content for the blog.

Editor requirements:

* Edit submissions as forwarded by the Volunteer Coordinator in a timely manner
* Work with the writer, via the Volunteer Coordinator, to make necessary changes to blog submissions.

A new policy was adopted in July 2017. We now ask all volunteers to become paid members of Journey to Diversity Workplaces to help offset onboarding costs.

Job Type: Volunteer