Volunteer Openings

Volunteer Openings
  • Volunteer Board Member 18 June, 2019
    *** Please read the entire post right through to the end. Thank you. *** Journey to Diversity Workplaces is both an experiment and a project. Haven’t you ever wished you could work somewhere better? Somewhere where they went out of their way to not only appreciate you, but treat you right, and pay you fairly? […]
  • Volunteer Fundraising Committee Team Member 14 April, 2019
    Journey to Diversity Workplaces was born out of the idea we need to work better. We need ethical, moral workplaces, where employees are empowered, and treated fairly. Those who fall under ‘disabled’ or other distinct categories should be treated well, instead of finding loopholes. Respecting differences, ethically, morally, and legally. Job Type: Volunteer T […]
  • Volunteer Google AdWords Campaign Analyst 15 November, 2018
    *** This is a post-secondary co-op position for the Winter 2019 term. *** Journey to Diversity Workplaces is a Barrie, Ontario based non-profit organization with a mission to reform the workplace. Our goal is to lead by example and show businesses that you can still make a profit and treat your employees well. Journey to […]